Arrangements for class suspension

1. In response to the recent epidemic, the Education Bureau has announced that the school will extend the holiday until March 1st. During this period, parents should avoid bringing their children to crowded places, and should arrange for their children to stay at home to rest and should not go back to school, to ensure personal health.
2. During February 3rd to February 28th, all interest activities will be stopped, and the make-up arrangements will be announced in a separate notice after class resumption.
3. The parent-teacher interview originally scheduled for February 7th will be cancelled, and the relevant student evaluation records will be distributed on the first day of resumption.
4. The update deadline for submitting the “Student Allowance” application form will be announced on the school website later.
5. Parents are requested to pay attention to the development of the Novel Coronavirus infection cases and to follow the latest announcements by the Education Bureau.