Curriculum Features

We implement a sound-feeling based teaching approach, which is a whole brain teaching method integrated with educational psychology, stories and dramatic elements, and children can acquire knowledge though their multiple senses. We encourage children to participate in group discussion and make comments in class, and create a learning environment, where children share knowledge and cooperate with one another pleasantly, and effectively improve their listening, speaking and reading abilities. We introduce an activity-based teaching approach, which allow children to learn from games, become confident, and exploit their potential. Our project-based learning approach can develop children’s creative thinking and initiative in learning. Our outdoor comprehensive learning approach can expand children’s horizons and extra-curricular knowledge, and enable them to acquire first-hand experiences through field observation to construct their knowledge. We give English lessons every day within a class- or group-wide range, and allow children to learn to listen, speak and read easily and to learn English phonics systematically by arranging storytelling, singing, drama, reading and many other interesting activities.